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The Overseas Press Club Foundation is a 501 (c)(3) non-profit charitable organization and donations are tax deductible to the fullest extent of the law. Our programs are fully funded through the generous contributions of our benefactors. The OPC Foundation accepts credit card payments by telephone (201-493-9087), fax (201-612-9915) or email (foundation@opcofamerica.org). Please send checks (payable to OPC Foundation) to:

OPC Foundation
40 West 45th Street
New York NY 10035

Donations may be designated to one of our individual scholarship funds or to support our programs. We also accept credit card payments. Please call 201-493-9087 to make arrangements. The OPC Foundation is especially grateful to those who donated since 2015-2016. They include the following:

Patrons ($6,000 and up)
The Associated Press
Estate of George Burns
The Correspondents Fund
Ford Foundation
Anne & Larry Martz
Standard & Poor’s
The Wall Street Journal

Friends ($3,000 and up)
Jacqueline Albert-Simon
CBS News

Bienstock, A United Talent Agency Company
Commitee to Protect Journalists
Ford Motor Company
James W. Foley Legacy Foundation
The Gamsin Family
Pamela Howard Family Foundation
IBT Media
International House
Knight-Bagehot Fellowship, Columbia University
Reporters without Borders
William S. Rukeyser
Matthew Schweisberg
Pierre F. Simon Charitable Trust

Benefactors ($500 and up)
Allen Alter
The Associated Press
Rachael Bail
Kathleen Beakley
Tobias Bermant
Molly Bingham
Boies, Schiller & Flexner LLP
Marcus Brauchli and Maggie Farley
Jean Briggs
William Bruns
John Corporon
Linda Fasulo
Timothy W. Ferguson
Allan Dodds Frank
Karen Freedman & Roger Weisberg
Don & Susan Freudenheim
Eugen Friedlaender Foundation
The GroundTruth Project/GlobalPost
William Holstein & Rita Sevell
James Maceda
Rosalind Massow
Marcy McGinnis
Jim Pensiero
Martin Smith
Helen Swinton
Gary & Rhoda Wells

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